Our Ingredients

Passion for quality and sustainability

We’re deeply passionate about finding the highest quality ingredients to create the most delicious and healthiest recipe for your furkid. Nowadays, a lot of the premium pet food brands import their ingredients from New Zeeland, but we believe Malaysia has just as much to offer. That’s why we locally source our wholesome and human-grade meats, veggies and fruits from local markets and trusted suppliers.

Every single ingredient we use in our recipes is 100% human-grade quality. No slaughter waste or any sketchy ingredients – we only include the same quality of meats and vegetables you would buy for yourself.

All of our ingredients are sourced locally to ensure we always get fresh and high quality meats, veggies and fruits. This allow us to produce the very best products meanwhile supporting the local community.

As a descendant from the grey wolf, dogs will benefit from fresh and natural ingredients that can be found in the nature. Not highly processed meat meals or artificial additives. That’s why we’re going all natural.

Fresh beats processed

At PledgeCare, we never use any rendered meat meals in our pet food. This kind of food is made by rendering and processing the leftover parts of animals at high temperatures, destroying a lot of the crucial nutrients in the process. 

We believe that the best nutrition comes from fresh and natural sources. Therefore, we air-dry our pet food to protect heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins, important enzymes and antioxidants.

The Raw natural balance

Our food is based on the principles of Raw and BARF diets. We use 70% chicken (including bones and organs), 25% veggies and 5% natural superfoods that pack a punch for the health. The recipes include healthy portions of fresh organ meat and ground bones, which mimics the dogs natural diet in the wild.  These ingredients are super dense in vitamins and minerals and are easily absorbed compared to artificial vitamin pre-mixes found in commercial pet food.

Air-dried: The gentle alternative

Air-drying is a more gentle alternative to mass-produced pet food. Typically, pet food is processed at high pressure and temperatures and cooked up to 4 times before ending up as the final kibble. This means a lot of the nutrients are destroyed in the process. Our two-stage air-drying process keeps the temperature lower, which makes the food as nutritious and digestible as raw food and BARF, while being safe and clean to handle.


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