Air-Dried Raw Dog Food

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All Natural • 100% Human-grade Ingredients • Gently Air-Dried • Balanced for all breeds and life stages.

Air-dried chicken recipe

Air-Dried Chicken

With Carrot, Pumpkin & Papaya

80% Fresh Meat, Organ & Bone | 20% Veggies, Fruit & Superfoods | Balanced for all breeds and life stages

750 g

RM 67

1.5 kg

RM 127


3 kg

RM 245

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Fresh Chicken (ground with bone),  Chicken Gizzard,  Chicken Liver & heart,  Carrot,  Pumpkin,  Green Beans,   Spinach,  Papaya, Flaxseed,  Sunflower Seed,  Coconut Oil, Cod-liver Oil,   Turmeric Root  

80% Fresh meat, Organ & Bones | 20 % Fresh Veggies, Fruit & Greens 

Fresh whole ingredients  |  Gently Air-Dried to protect nutrients  |  No Grains or fillers  | No rendered meat-meals |  No artificial preservatives  |  No added sugars or salt

100% Human-Grade ingredients. Proudly and locally sourced from Petaling Jaya

How to feed: Scoop and serve with water on the side. Optionally let it soak with luke-warm water for dogs with eating issues (older dogs, teeth-problem). 

Use as: Complete meal or Food topper  

Weight of dog Active Average Senior / not active
kg Grams/Daily Grams/Daily Grams/Daily
2 kg 42 37 31
3 kg 58 51 41
5 kg 84 74 61
7 kg 109 96 78
11 kg 153 134 110
15 kg 193 169 139
20 kg 239 210 172
25 kg 282 248 203
35 kg 363 311 262

4950 kcal/kg

*Complete and balance for all life stages and breeds 

Puppies: 1,5-3 months feed twice adult amount. 3-6 months feed 1,5 times adult amount. 6-11 months feed 1,25 times adult amount

Recommended to split daily portion in two meals (1 morning & 1 afternoon)

Guaranteed analysis

Protein min 51%
Fat min 29%
Fiber max 3%
Moisture max 7%
Carbohydrates Max 6.00%
Ash Max 7.00%
  • CA-to-P ratio = 1.2:1 
  • 4950 kcal/kg

No synthetic protein boosters:    PledgeCare is made with 80% fresh meat which is a delicious and easily digestible source of protein. 

Low carb, high protein & fat:    We make our food without any bulky carbohydrate-rich fillers. Only fresh wholesome vegetables and fruit, which provides the most natural source of nutrients and maintains healthy & balanced blood sugar. 

Natural source of calories: PledgeCare mimics the dog’s ancestral diet which is rich in protein and fat and contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates. This means you need to feed smaller portions than most other foods.  

Shelf Life: The air-dried chicken recipe can last up to 6 months before opening and 8 weeks after open when stored in a cool and dry area.  

PledgeCare is naturally high in calories from a high content of protein and fat which means feeding portions are generally smaller than regular kibble. 

*Calculated for “Average” activity level and 3kg bag size.

 Weight kgDaily portion gCost pr Day RM
Small Breed3514
Medium Breed1113411
Large Breed2524820


You can use PledgeCare as a full meal or a healthy food topper to your dogs’ current diet.

Our promise

  • No Rendered Meat-Meals
  • No Grains or fillers​
  • No artificial preservatives​
  • Fresh, 100% human-grade ingredients​

✔️   Suitable for all breeds and lifestages

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All natural • No Preservatives • 100% Delicious

Frequent Questions

Our chicken recipe is made with fresh, 100% human-grade chicken meat, bones and organs from trusted Malaysian suppliers. 

After grinding and mixing all the chicken meat together with vegetables & fruits, we gently air-dry it on low temperatures to protect the great, natural occurring nutrients from raw ingredients. 

Yes! Our Chicken Recipe is balanced as a complete diet for all breeds and life stages. It can also be used as a healthy and protein-rich topper on your dog’s current diet.

Feeding an all natural and healthy diet has a great impact on your dog’s health. Benefits include: more energy, less allergies, shinier coat & healthy weight. 

Our food is made without artificial preservatives but stays fresh due to a very low moisture content. A bag stays fresh 6 months after manufacturing and 8 weeks after opening when stored in a dry area. 

Yes! Our Chicken Recipe is made with fresh, 100% human-grade chicken, no highly processed chicken meals, cheap fillers or artificial preservatives which can cause allergic reactions.

Often the best solution to allergies or intolerances is a natural and minimal processed diet. PledgeCare is also significantly lower in carbohydrates (∼5% vs. 35-70% for kibble) which can help reduce dry and itchy skin and other common allergy-symptoms.

Why Air-Dried?

At PledgeCare, we use a gentle Air-Drying process that removes moisture by evaporation at low temperatures.

Fresh, Human-Grade Ingredients

Typical kibble requires high inclusion of dry carbohydrate sources and rendered meat-meals in order to mold and shape the kibble.

Air-drying enables us to use 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients meat, fruit and vegetables that dogs thrive on.

Protects Heat-Sensitive Nutrients

Air-drying uses much lower temperatures than the methods used for making kibble. This protects important nutrients as Vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and amino-acids. This delivers the same great nutrition as a Raw or Home-cooked diet.

Loved By Even The Most Picky eaters

Our food is slowly air-dried over the course of many hours which creates an intense and irresistible flavour. 

If you struggle with a picky eater you can use our food as a food as a full meal or as healthy food-topper to increase appetite