The PledgeCare difference

How we make our food

Find the best local ingredients

The best product requires the best ingredients - that’s a given. This is why we proudly source our whole-food ingredients from Petaling Jaya

Gently air-dry

Our food is homemade in our own kitchen. We gently air-dry it at low temperatures to retain nutrients and lock in the flavour of fresh meat and veggies

Share with those in need

We are a social enterprise with a mission to help animals in need. We proudly donate a share of our revenue to local rescues helping animals in need


Pet food with a cause

PledgeCare is founded in the belief that all animals deserve better. Not only the ones in our homes but also those living in the streets. Therefore, we chose to operate as a social enterprise. We spend our revenue on charitable causes that help animals in need.

Human-grade goodness

At PledgeCare we test our food on humans. The reason behind this is that we only use human-grade ingredients in our recipe. Human-grade means less processing, higher safety and a natural good taste.

Honest ingredients

The recipe we use is clear and based on 100% transparency – simply because we got nothing to hide. Our product contains no ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, no cheap fillers, no artificial flavouring and no preservatives. To summarize: Only the good stuff. 

Number one ingredient

Providing a quality source of highly digestible protein 

Great taste and strong health

Aiding healthy digestion and energy throughout the day 

Packed with nutrients

Providing a natural source of vitamins and minerals 

Air-dried to preserve nutrients

Air-drying is a gentle alternative to commercially produced kibble. Typically, ingredients are cooked up to four times at high temperatures and pressure, which destroys a lot of the nutrients in the process. Our gentle air-drying process naturally retains the nutrition of fresh meat and vegetables without any artificial preservatives. This makes it as digestible and nutritious as a raw diet – all while being safe and clean to handle.