A dog looking at a bag of pledgecare's air dried duck gizzard

Who We Are

Our company was inspired by a puppy named Kelly. A simple switch in her diet – from highly processed kibble to fresh, human-grade food – had an amazing impact on her serious skin issues. 

Kelly’s dad, Louis, and his co-founder, Julius realized it wasn’t Kelly who was sick but the food that was making her ill. After looking into the pet food industry they found the extremely low quality of foods that were being produced full of misleading marketing claims, so they decided to build the company they wished existed for their own dogs. 

The TED talk from Daniel Pallotta “The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong” inspired us to figure out a sustainable solution helping out animal shelters in Malaysia. We want to prove that we are able to innovate the pet food scene with products customers want and not just purchase to support charities. We intend using our profits to either supercharge our foods, toppers and treats or give back to animal welfare. 

Our story and initiatives have been featured in Vulcan Post, The Star and more – and we’d love to tell you about it too. Feel free to drop an email at julius@pledgecare.org. 


Open Positions at PledgeCare

Currently, we have no open positions. However, you’re more than welcome to send an email, including your resume, to julius@pledgecare.org if you believe you have the necessary qualities to help us innovate the Malaysian pet food scene.