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Our Air-Dried Diets & Treats

Feeding an all natural and healthy diet has a great impact on your pet’s health. Benefits include: more energy, less allergies, shinier coat & healthy weight.

Our food is made with fresh, 100% human-grade ingredients from local suppliers leaving out any stuff that pets don’t need or want in their diet. After grinding and mixing all the ingredients together, we gently air-dry our food to protect the great nutrients from raw meats, vegetables and fruits.

Yes! Our food is balanced as a complete diet for all breeds & life stages. To ensure your pet gets the nutrition he/she needs, we formulate our diets according to the nutritional requirements established by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials).

All recipes are tested in government approved laboratories and is suitable for long term use. 

Yes. Our food is formulated to be a complete & balanced diet for all breeds and ages.

Our food is handcrafted in small batches with high inclusions of meat and organs without meat meals, dyes, glycerine, added salts/sugars and artificial preservatives. 

These are some of the factors – a long with age and seasonality of the ingredients we use – that can result in variability of shape, size, color, texture and odor. This is completely normal and is an indicator of how natural our food really is! 

From our experience, many skin & allergy issues come from highly processed foods with cheap ingredients (some of them are not even allowed for human-consumption), and may contain artificial colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, added sugar, gelatine and glycerine

Our diets are made with fresh, 100% human-grade ingredients that dogs and cats thrive on. Due to the high quality of ingredients, we typically see a positive impact regarding allergies. 

You can! But it can be tricky to make sure your pet gets all the nutrients he/she needs on a daily basis. Serious complications from nutrient deficiencies (and more commonly, overdosing) can arise if a recipe hasn’t been properly formulated.

Feeding a raw diet comes with a set of challenges – mainly the inconvenience of having to prepare and thaw in preparation for your pets meal but likewise the hygiene and risk factors of handling raw meat. 

By air-drying, we eliminate bacteria like salmonella and listeria meanwhile providing you with a scoop-and-serve convenience and an extended shelf-life.

Slower is better than faster! Take a gradual approach, introducing PledgeCare over a minimum of 5 days.

We suggest you at first swap 15% of your pet’s old diet for PledgeCare. Each day increase the amount of PledgeCare fed by 10-15%. After 8 days you’re feeding 100% PledgeCare. Remember to decrease the existing food by the same amount. 

It’s normal for your dog or cat to experience soft stools during the first 1 to 2 weeks since the gut is adapting to the new diet. Once the transition period has completed the stool should be firm.

*If the stool remains soft or runny, it’s usually a sign of overfeeding. At this point, reduce the daily feed amount to suit your dog or cat. For pets with really sensitive tummies, it may take longer to get the feeding amount perfect.


Our food is made without artificial preservatives but stays fresh due to a very low moisture content. A bag stays fresh 6 months after manufacturing and 8 weeks after opening when stored in a dry area.

All treats are made without any artificial preservatives but like the food stays fresh due to a low moisture content. A bag stays fresh 4 months after manufacturing and 4 weeks after opening when stored in a dry area.

We recommend you to store the foods/treats in a dry area away from sunlight. Our foods/treats do not require rehydration, freezing or refrigeration – this may do more harm than good! When frozen or refrigerated food is placed at room temperature, moisture often condenses on the surface of the food, which can result in microbial growth or mold.

You can leave our air-dried diet out for your pet during the day, but keep in mind that it will be exposed to bacteria so the food may spoil and become stale the longer it’s left out.

We recommend disposing of any uneaten food in your pets bowl after 8 hours.

Your Order

Our diets are air-dried which result in higher calories. That’s why feeding portions are generally smaller than regular kibble. Daily costs can start from RM3 depending on your pet’s age, weight and activity level.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any sample packs but our 300g bag serves as a trial pack and we encourage you to try that out instead.

In case our food isn’t meeting your expectations, you can return it within 14 days after receiving the goods from us. You can return it to us (at your own cost) and we will proceed with a refund. Please refer to our refund policy for more information.

After your order is placed we’ll ship it out! Delivery time is typically 3-5 work days for West Malaysia and 5-8 work days for East Malaysia.

In case you have any preferences regarding delivery, please leave us a note when you order and we’ll do our very best to customize the shipping experience to your needs.

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