A Fresh Way
To Feed Your Dog 🐶

What makes our food different?

Most fresh dog foods are cooked on high heat. When that happens, the food’s weight shrinks by 10-25%, losing a lot of important nutrients and protein. By slowly sous-vide cooking your dog’s food on low heat, we retain the freshness from wholesome ingredients. 

And it’s full of taste too! Our customer, Lulu, can confirm that ➡️

And it’s full of taste too! Our customer, Lulu, can confirm that ⬇️

Formulated with help from pet nutritionists

More than 15 years of experience and licensed by DVS

Fresh whole ingredients

Never fillers or higly processed meat meals

Allergy friendly recipes

Good for coat health & approved by picky eaters

Hear why pet owners love Fresh by PledgeCare

My furkid has allergies so I am very careful in choosing which food to give him. Thank God I found Pledgecare. All my furkids enjoy eating them too!
Helped with allergies
Verified customer
My pup is extremely picky with his food but he loves Fresh by PledgeCare. It has a super yummy smell. I even tried a bite and it tastes like Nandos chicken!
Improved appetite
Verified customer
His skin improves, fur starting to grow back and not so itchy anymore highly recommended to all fur parents! Price is high abit but going to vet isn't cheap too... 😊😊
Healthier skin & coat
Verified customer

Who are we?

PledgeCare is run by a small dedicated team of wholehearted animal-lovers. Our belief is that all animals deserve better – not only the ones living in our homes, but also the strays living in the streets. We operate as a social enterprise and proudly donate a share of our proceeds to local shelters helping animals in need.


RM 25,000+ Donated

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