Chicken Recipe for Cats

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Our air-dried chicken recipe is made on the concept of raw diets with 98% fresh chicken to help your cat live a longer and happier life

  • Packed with fresh meat and high in taurine, no grains and artificials
  • Loved by picky eaters and kitties with food sensitivities
  • An easy way for busy cat parents to feed a diet with home-cooked nutrition. Suitable as a full meal or food topper/mixer with wet food

Earn up to 380 PledgeCoins

As a full meal:

  • Cost per meal: RM1.80 - RM2.10
  • Daily feeding amount: 47g - 54g

As a food topper / mixer:

  • Cost per meal: RM0.90 - RM1.00
  • Daily feeding amount: 23g - 26g

An easy way to feed healthy

Serving your cat with the best

  • Gently air-dried to protect nutrients
  • Nutrition like home-cooked meals, easy to feed like dry food
  • 98% fresh meat from Malaysian suppliers
  • Ingredients at the front of the packaging

With none of the bad stuff

  • Highly processed at extreme temperatures
  • Grains or cheap fillers
  • Meat meals or added flavouring
  • Ingredients hidden at the back of the packaging

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50 reviews for Chicken Recipe for Cats

  1. Songher Heng (verified owner)

    My little boy loves this!!! Started purring whenever I bring out the box!

  2. Nyat Mien Koh (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd time purchasing. My cats love this the most out of all the brands I’ve tried.

  3. Muhammad Yassin (verified owner)

    Good packaging and fast delivery by the courier.
    Will repeat order soon!!

  4. Muhammad Yassin (verified owner)

    Good packaging and fast delivery by the courier.
    My kittens love it so much. Will repeat order soon!

  5. Anis (verified owner)

    My cats really love this. No issues at all, making the switch from kibbles to PledgeCare – they loved it right from the start. They no longer shed like before and they’re much healthier, and I’m happy. Great stuff!

  6. mira osman

    my super fussy buddy, messy love it. never i saw she ate cat food this much even the orijen kibbles! but this from pledgecare she ate it willingly. at 1st i m worry because of the brittles look hard to chew . so i stop it and give her old kibble. she as always didnt eat it but only if hungry. so i give it a try again this air dried chicken,my goodness ! she ate it all without me forcing her to eat. thank u pledgecare for saving months of energy n time to search the best kibble for my little buddy. i got her on 2022 in august (she was a stray cat) n gets headache to find kibble ever since.
    to pledgecare keep up a good work to produce a quality pet food. and please find a way to make the food less crumble because my messy didn’t eat the crumbs. i just order 2kg of fish flavour from lazada pledgecare, i hope my messy love it

  7. Ja (verified owner)

    Been almost a year since I changed to PledgeCare kibbles. Biscuit clearly loves it to bits and is quite happy! He has a nicer/thicker coat, fewer sheds, more energetic. Best kibble IMHO??

  8. Cynthia Ong (verified owner)

    I feed this to the stray cats in my neighborhood and they love it so much. Last time when I fed them cheap kibbles bought in convenience store, there would always be leftover. Then I changed to this, they’ll finish it and ask for more. LOL. They also look healthier, happier and more active now after eating this.

  9. Jelyn (verified owner)

    This smells super appetizing even for me, and I’m happy with the ingredients used. My fussy fur baby stops eating her previous “Instict Original” kibbles after tasting Pledgecare’s air-dried chicken recipe. I’m also pleased about the patience PC’s customer service shown by answering all my questions. They also offer cash rebates and discounts on and off to make their products affordable and competitive (with better ingredients) . So, I’d awesome experience so far! Thanks Pledgecare!

  10. Pey Tyng Chong (verified owner)

    My most picky queen love this item. I break the food into smaller pieces & soak in water for about 5 minutes before serving her.

  11. Rica Tan (verified owner)

    Delicious as always

  12. C

    My cat has a ton of allergies – grains, peas, potatoes, etc – which made any commercially made dry food triggering. Tried PledgeCare and not only has my cat’s over-grooming reduced significantly, but he also loves it – in fact, during the transition phase (with a mix of old kibble and PledgeCare), he would always finish all the PledgeCare bits first, leaving the old kibble behind. Julius was also super helpful and patiently answered all my questions – thank you!

  13. elaine

    got this as a welcome gift from oyen insurance. gave Baloo to try…. initially was a sleepy head but after i close the packaging he was so awake! glad to know about this brand and really hope it helps his fur and skin!

  14. Suhxin Foo (verified owner)

    All my picky monsters love this so much.

  15. Natsirt (verified owner)

    Ordered these for me two kittens as a mixer/diet booster and they love it. I’m very happy that they like it

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to hear your cats enjoy 🙂

  16. Francesca (verified owner)

    My cats love this! It’s a slightly crunchier texture than the fish recipe (I didn’t try it, I just heard much louder cheering, haha) but my 4 cats go thru their food bowls happily. Noticed their fur feeling much softer too when they’re on this diet 🙂

  17. Rica Tan (verified owner)

    We will be back, for more delicious air dried chicken meal, ps. Mom eats them too!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Haha! We’re super happy to hear you guys are having a good experience <3

  18. Tauno’s Mummy (verified owner)

    My baby boy loves this. Doesnt smell like the generic cat kibbles and it results to better bowel movements and his excrements have no smell whatsoever. His fur is fluffier as well. I highly recommend for any cat parents to give this a try, and we are looking forward to try the Fish version.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Really happy to hear that! Thank you so much for your review <3

  19. Simba Tan (verified owner)

    Simba used to be on Hill’s Sensitive Tummy and was a very picky eater as many foods would make him vomit. Doc suggested trying single source protein for 2 months hence the beginning of our Pledgecare journey. This Chicken recipe was also instrumental in introducing him to raw chicken! It’s now our main ‘base’ sometimes mixed with raw chicken by Cubgrub or home cooked chicken and carrots.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Waow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your story. Really glad to hear about your experience – means a lot to us <3

  20. Rica Tan (verified owner)

    Kopi’s back! And recommending every furbaby to try pledgecare air dried food

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Yay! We appreciate you guys <3

  21. shafinaz87 (verified owner)

    My cats really love this! Will buy again.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thank you! Happy to hear your cat enjoys our food! 😀

  22. Victoria Lim (verified owner)

    My cat likes air dried meat as his treats and this air dried kibbles is like having candy everyday as his main meal!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      That sounds like the dream! Thanks for sharing Victoria 🙂

  23. Rica Tan (verified owner)

    We’re permanent residents of pledgecare air dried food, yums

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Happy to have you around!

  24. Nurhidayah Lod (verified owner)

    My 5 cats have been on raw food exclusively. So when I had to go back to the office, I was in dire need of dry food to replace their AM raw meals so that I don’t have to rush everyday to prep & feed before going to work. Did my research but I was and still am adamant NOT to feed them kibbles (even if they’re grain free & very expensive) but air dried raw was hard to find in pet stores.

    Long story, short – I found Pledgecare. Julius had been so helpful in explaining the feeding portions & ingredients to me. Tried our first 4kgs & everybody loved it (crumbs & all)! Except for my Athena who still only wants wet raw food ? We are on our 2nd 4kg purchase & to be honest, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon!

    Keep up the good work, Pledgecare Team! Hoping to see more varieties soon!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Hi Nurhidayah, Julius here – as usual 😉 THANK YOU so much for taking your time writing such an extensive review. It really means a lot to us <3 We'll do our best to widen our assortment in the very near future.

  25. Qistina Khalidah

    My 14 year old cat hates everything but tuna except for this flavour. Will buy again!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for sharing! Happy that our food works out for you 🙂

  26. Rica Tan (verified owner)

    He likes it! (As always). I sometimes nibble on the chicken to find out why he’s so eager to chow down his food

  27. Fairuz Murtadza (verified owner)

    My super fussy cat loves Chicken compared to Fish. His main diet is homemade cooked chicken with heart, gizzard and carrots. But ever since i gave him Chicken, he prefers this air dried food compared to his usual homemade. Although I dont mind making his wet food but this is super convenient when I have to go back to the office and wouldnt have to worry if his wet food goes bad during my absence.

  28. myza (verified owner)

    Repeat order.. . ABU loves it very much! Thank you.

  29. Songher Heng

    Gotten the sample pack for this, my cat has been looking for the food container since day 1. I am having a hard time hiding the food away from him now.

  30. Andrea Chew

    My cat loves this! She’s gotten happy and healthier and also chonky after eating this? every time I shake the bag she’ll fly by the corner! Shout out to Julius for persistently checking in about us and how she’s doing with her new food ??

  31. suetyeeee (verified owner)

    At first, my kitten did not want to eat this, but after slowly introducing it (soaking it with warm water helps a lot), he started to eat this willingly! So far I can see that he’s pooping lesser and it is not that smelly. Will definitely order this for the long run!

  32. Wong (verified owner)

    Awesome product as always

  33. shantalsoh (verified owner)

    My picky cat loves this so much. He always eat this willingly, so glad I finally found this! Would prefer if it’s slightly thinner, overall 10/10!

  34. Wong (verified owner)

    Brought first on Shoppe and decided to use the main website so I can give reviews on here too! my cat loves it!

  35. Sharmaine S (verified owner)

    Both of my cats love it! Thank you so much!

  36. Elanor Chuah (verified owner)

    My aunty cat loves it! She has less poop issues now. :3

  37. Choki the cat (verified owner)

    i love it! its so good!

  38. Aainaa Rozliman (verified owner)

    One of my furkids have allergies so I am very careful in choosing which food to give him. He had a bad allergic reaction when I gave him freeze dried chicken from another brand. Thank God I found Pledgecare as he didn’t have any reaction to the chicken recipe. All my furkids enjoy eating them too!

  39. Rehana (verified owner)

    My two fur babies love this food. I have 2 Siberian cats. I usually feed them a mainly raw food diet of fresh beef, tuna and cooked chicken breast. I supplement with grain free kibbles too. (Only the best will do. Lol) However, this is the first dry food they took to straight away. They come running when they hear the packet opening! My male cat dislikes most packaged tinned meals but he eats this willingly. I have peace of mind, knowing the ingredients are quality and good for them. I am back for more! 😉

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      We are very humbled by your kind words Rehana. Super pleased to know that the food is a success for your cats and we’ll continue to do our best in ensuring that our food is of top quality!

  40. Tinyspaceship (verified owner)

    My babies like it, hope to give them the best food to keep them healthy and happy, although for me is quite expensive but the food is good, cause I saw pumpkin seeds in the packaging, so cute!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the lovely review Tinyspaceship! We wish you all the best in your journey of providing the best food to your babies. Please feel free to reach out if there’s anything we can help you with 🙂

  41. hanleon (verified owner)

    Kitty crack this is. Way better than any other brand I’ve tried such as Orijen and ItiKiti. Feels very home made and if their ingredients are correct, one of the best air dried foods around. More expensive, but the health of a family member is important! 10/10 would buy again

  42. Che Rohani Mezah (verified owner)

    Billo loves this food — – so will repeat order; — at first he’s not sure about it… so i mixed it with other dry food – then, now no need to mix — he just love it –

  43. deinancf (verified owner)

    Repeat Order. Initially only one (ex-stray) of my three cats was keen on this. The other two were raised from a few days old and do not eat any human food. Indoor only cats.

    Now, they all prefer this to the dry cat food they were having and my cat who has some bald spots is growing back fur on the area and gained weight. Please reduce crumbs like other buyers are suggesting. Thanks!

  44. nat_sujane (verified owner)

    My cats don’t really seem to like it. I mix it together with their morning kibbles and they tend to leave it.

  45. Chin Fuh Yee (verified owner)

    Both of my cats love it ! Whenever I feed them they finished their meal super fast and will check each other’s bowl to see if the other have any leftovers. ?

  46. Prettythemeow (verified owner)

    My cat’s favourite now. We mix with her daily diet. Help increase her appetite and weight as high in protein. Only that, so many crumbled food at the end of packaging. Such a waste cause my cat does not want to eat that. Hope can reduce crumbled food by improve the packaging (add some air bag/bubble wrap/vacuum packaging, etc) and don’t mix crumbled food with the current food . Thank you!

  47. Nurul Alyaa (verified owner)

    It’s a great alternative to my cat with gastrointestinal issues. The only gripe is that when you are reaching the end of the package, the food pieces are crumbled, which makes it hard to feed them.

  48. Zalina ismail (verified owner)

    As add on to my kittens daily dose of boil chicken for my kittens (adopted strays) .. born on 13.08.20 weight 110gm.. today 8.01.21..2 ekor weight 2.5kgs++ and 1 weights 3.2kgs… Wow3x.. .with healthy poo and shiny fur!! Kucing kampong je pon.. tapi sihat!! They love it.. lompat2 nak tunggu sejuk masa boil the chicken !!..

  49. myza (verified owner)

    ABU just loves it very much.

  50. w.ningt (verified owner)

    Very nice packaging. When open package , chicken smell very strong . Most cat kibbles don’t even have this strong meat smell . Symbolises it contains real meat in it , good . Dunno my cat like it or not , haven give him eat

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