The Ultimate Treat Bundle

Mix & match your pup's favourite air & freeze dried treats!

1) Select a quantity of 8 treats in total and get 11% off for each!

2) You can mix & match or choose 8 of the same treat!

3) Add to cart once you’ve built your pup’s favourite combi.

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Select a quantity of 8 treats in total

  • Chicken Strips (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Whole Anchovies (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Mini Anchovies (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Beef Nuggets (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Duck Gizzard (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Chicken Gizzards (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Chicken Nuggets (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Salmon Chunks (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Duck Cubes (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Chicken Breast (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Chicken Liver (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Beef Liver (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Duck Liver (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Cheese Cubes (75g)

    1 (75g)
  • Duck Breast (75g)

    1 (75g)

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3 reviews for The Ultimate Treat Bundle

  1. Cyn (verified owner)

    Its a great way to start with Pledgecare, as its of great value with variety of options.

  2. xinnigoh (verified owner)

    First time buying from PledgeCare, thus I chose this treat bundle as starter pack, great valuable with variety of options. The treats are pretty difficult to finish at one bite, just perfect for my fast-eating furkid. Also the bags came with sealer, easy to store. Last but not least, the products are healthy and natural, I have no worry to feed them to my furkid.

  3. hdrenge (verified owner)

    This bundle is great and money-saving when you wanna try various treats to feed your pets.

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