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Top 10 Toxic Food For Dogs

You’ve probably heard that you should never feed your dog any chocolate. While this advice holds ground, it’s far from the only human-grade food, which isn’t safe for pooch consumption.

Most pet owners have experienced being tempted to treat their favorite companions with a break from the daily kibble with some human-grade food. While done with the best intentions, some of the most ordinary kitchen ingredients can be very harmful to dogs, which can lead to sickness and in the worst case; death. This confirms the fact that dog food is a wary field, which needs to be treated with great caution.

This list includes some of the main problem-causing foods, which are often fed to dogs unknowingly of their harmful effects.

what not to feed a dog

1. Avocado

Although avocado is widely known for their health benefits for humans, the same isn’t true for dogs. The avocado fruit contains persin which is a toxin that can cause health problems in many animals. According to various studies and veterinarians, dogs are more resistant to this toxin compared to other animals. Nevertheless, avocado isn’t 100% safe for your dog to consume and in large amounts, it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Chocolate

You’re likely aware of the consequences of feeding your pup chocolate. While it may not be fatal, chocolate can result in severe illness in your dog. Chocolate contains a chemical that’s called theobromine, and dogs can’t metabolize theobromine as well as humans. It’s also important that you are aware that the darker and more bitter the chocolate is, the more dangerous it is to your dog.

3. Corn on the cob

Although corn can be safely consumed by dogs in moderate amounts, it is not advised to feed your dog corn on the knob. If pieces of the cob are accidentally eaten, it can block your dog’s intestines and potentially be fatal.

4. Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins might seem like the perfect treat for dogs, but this statement couldn’t be more wrong. Despite their small size, grapes and raisins are extremely toxic for dogs. Even a small amount eaten can lead to kidney failure and death. If you ever suspect your dog has eaten any grapes or raisins, it must be treated as a medical emergency.

5. Macadamia nuts

Though the specific reason for macadamia toxicity in dogs is unknown, it’s best to keep this snack to yourself. Though fatalities are rare, any amount of macadamia nuts is sure to cause discomfort for your dog.

6. Onions, chives, and garlic

These ingredients stand as a backbone in most kitchen recipes, which is the exact reason why so many pets get to experience their side effects. If you’re feeding your dog leftovers or processed products- chances are that they contain one of these ingredients. Whether chopped, boiled, cooked, or made into spice powder it can lead to life-threatening anemia if not caught and treated in time.

7. Caffeine

Many of us drink coffee on a weekly if not daily basis. While studies are showing the health benefits of coffee for humans, it’s the opposite scenario for dogs. If your pup has consumed anything caffeine-related, it’s important you take him immediately to the vet.

8. Cooked bones

Cooked bones can be very dangerous for dogs as these bones can easily splinter. In large quantities, cooked bones can cause constipation or at worst develop a hole through the wall of a body organ which can be fatal. We’d advise you to be careful too if home-cooked foods are containing bones as the bones may have been cooked.

On the other hand, you can safely give your dog a raw uncooked bone to chew on.

9. Alcohol

This is probably no surprise but alcohol has a huge negative impact on dogs – even in small quantities. The drink causes intoxication – just like it does to us humans – but it also leads to sickness and even nervous system damage.

10. Sugary foods

It’s not an emergency situation if you share a little piece of sugary food with your dog – as long as this doesn’t happen often! Too much sugar can do the same thing to dogs as it does to people. It can make your pup overweight and cause problems with their teeth – and even lead to diabetes.

Although a lot of human foods are dangerous for dogs, there are some snacks that you can safely share with your dog. This includes blueberries, small pieces of carrot, coconut, or peanut butter- but when in doubt about which foods you can safely feed your dog, it’s best to ask your veterinarian.

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