Benefits of feeding all natural dog food

Health-benefits of all natural dog food

We all know how our mood and health is affected by what we eat. Eating excessive fast-food leave you tired and can lead to health issues in the long run. The same principle applies just the same to our best friends. Excessive carbohydrates, salt, sugar and artificial additives can cause a range of different health-related diseases. The result is less energy, bigger risk of allergies and more trips to the vet.

Feeding all natural dog food is not only more delicious, it also comes with a range of health benefits. Minimal processing of ingredients means they have a higher digestibility. As a result, more of the food is absorbed meaning more energy and smaller poops! that’s less time cleaning the yard and more time playing.

Fewer allergies. PledgeCare All natural dog food doesn’t contain any harmful additives or artificial preservatives. These compounds are a common source of allergies but are difficult to track since they are in most dog food.

Other benefits include:

  • Shinier coat
  • No tartar and better breath
  • Better joint mobility
  • Healthier digestion

Less food needed

Though all-natural comes at a price, it might be less expensive in the long run. The amount of food absorbed and digested all depends on the quality of the ingredients. Some pet food might promise high protein-content, but it won’t be beneficial if the protein is of poor quality (corn and chicken-meal). The un-digested protein serves no nutritional purpose – it only results in larger poops and upset stomachs.

Fresh chicken and eggs have some of the highest ratios of vital amino acids, which makes the protein easily-absorbed. Therefore smaller portions are required to deliver the same nutritional need.

Made fresh – locally

PledgeCare all natural dog food

We believe that fresh and nutritious food is the key to a long and happy life. Therefore, our food is made without any of the commercial-grade ingredients found in almost every dog food. Instead, we make our food with the same local ingredients we shop for ourselves.

If it’s not good enough for our own plate, it’s not good enough for our best friends. The result is an all-natural dog food made with the same love and care as homemade dog food – with the ease of kibble.

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  1. I had no idea that natural dog food can improve things like joint mobility. I have a husky that is turning 12 this year, and I want to try to get him on some better food. I’d really like to try something more natural so it can hopefully help with things like his joints.

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