Tips and tricks to increase appetite for picky dogs.

We’ve all been there; Maybe your dog is more picky than usual, and your budget doesn’t allow for T-bone steaks on the daily doggie-menu. Anyway, the usual dog food is not cutting it anymore and you need a way to revive the usual appetite. So what do you do, when your dog doesn’t seem to like the dog food you’re giving? Don’t even know where to start? Here are some tips you might want to consider.

Tips and tricks to increase appetite

  • Seek the help of a vet. Maybe there are other underlying reasons as to why your dog has stopped eating. Proper screening and examination will help provide some insights into your dog’s change of appetite or behaviour. The lowered appetite can also be a symptom of poor quality ingredients. A higher quality product with proper ingredients can be the cure for the loss of appetite, and lead to a range of health benefits.
  • Add variety and creativity Just like us humans, dogs crave for different textures and flavours, too. Instead of feeding your dog the same type of dog food as kibble or canned food, why not try mixing them together. You can also consider rotating between each type of food to keep your buddies on their toes.
  • Include bonus treats Adding delicious treats as an extra ingredient to your dog’s food once in a while could aid in developing your dog’s appetite again. The treats don’t have to be anything fancy – just something tasty and balanced in nutrients. But be careful when feeding your pup human treats as some of the most ordinary kitchen ingredients can be very harmful to dogs.

Unless your dog has underlying medical concerns, the reason your dog isn’t too happy during mealtime could just be due to being bored with the dog food you’re providing. Give these tips a try and see your doggy’s appetite grow.

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