First step on our Journey; Can dog food be too healthy?

Our journey to create the best dog food in the world has officially begun. After weeks of extensive research, it feels great to spend time in the kitchen testing our first batches of PledgeCare dog food.

It’s no secret that we looked for inspiration among other pet food companies when formulating our recipe, but to our surprise, we had trouble finding any good sources of inspiration. Often consisting of 80{fa7ba7ae27be3a1686d96d9547a0bc3b37fc6c00ce87729c0a60242ec6a109f4} cheap fillers, tiny amounts of meat and lastly topped with long lists of added vitamins, minerals and preservatives in order to call it “complete and balanced“. This seemed to be the ground rules set by the established pet food industry – and in that case, we don’t want to play by the rules.

Instead, we want to make an all natural, super healthy and absolutely delicious product. And in order to reach this goal, we apply the same quality standard as the food we make in our kitchen. And not so surprisingly this resulted in a product unlike any we’ve come across.

The first batch


PledgeCare Dog Food

Using fresh meat and vegetables is deemed to turn out differently, compared to using cheap fillers and meat substitutes. But the difference was bigger than we anticipated. We were surprised to notice the classic dog-breath odour was missing from our product, but we agreed this shouldn’t be a benchmark worth aiming for. Instead, the product looked and smelled exactly like the ingredients making up the product; fresh meat and vegetables.

This got us questioning if the food was actually too healthy and if the dogs would actually enjoy the fresh and more punching flavour but our test-dogs loved it! It seems dog food doesn’t need any artificial flavouring if all the ingredients are fresh and naturally delicious.

100{fa7ba7ae27be3a1686d96d9547a0bc3b37fc6c00ce87729c0a60242ec6a109f4} clarity

When looking at other dog food brands, we found it difficult to know what they actually put in their dog food. Mainly because their ingredients lie far from the juicy steak being showcased on the packaging. This motivated us to create a product with absolute clarity – simply because we got nothing to hide.

This is why we can proudly show every ingredient going into our first batch of PledgeCare dog food:

Fresh local chicken, ground whole lentils, fresh whole eggs, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, fresh pumpkin, tapioca flour, green beans, broccoli, carrot, apple, spinach, whole sardines, mushrooms, ground whole flaxseed, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, blueberries, dried kelp, ground eggshell, rosemary oil, turmeric root. 

No low-grade fillers or harmful additives. In short; only the good stuff. 

Not only do these ingredients sound more appetizing, they actually make a difference for your dogs’ health. Each specific ingredient was chosen specifically to combat some of the common health problems associated with standard kibble-based diets.

Ongoing testing

While it’s extremely important for us to have a healthy product, we think it’s equally important to have an absolutely delicious product. We know dogs don’t care about how healthy and nutrient our products are – they just want a delicious meal.

That is why we are going to spend the next couple of weeks fine-tuning our food, to ensure optimal deliciousness – even for the pickiest eaters.

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