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The Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkins for your Dogs

Halloween is upon us here in Malaysia; The season of spookiness, and pumpkins.

You may have heard that pumpkins have benefits for dogs e.g. it can help your pup if he/she has a fickle stomach.

But are they truly safe for dogs to consume? The answer is yes!

With all the amazing benefits a pumpkin provides, why not try it out for your dogs. And since we are being trapped at home recently, why not embrace some pumpkin carving sessions with your family and furkids?

So if you find yourself getting pumpkin for crafting or food-making, remember not to throw out the leftovers as we’re about to list down some amazing benefits of pumpkins that can help enhance your dog’s health for Halloween or any time of the year.

It’s definitely ‘Pumpkin’ to talk about…

What are the health benefits of pumpkins for dogs?

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Spice up your dog’s nutrition and health with pumpkin

Health benefits pumpkin has for your pup:

  • Promoting Eye Health from the Beta Carotene which would later be converted into Vitamin A in the liver.
  • Helping with Bone Health. Pumpkins are loaded with Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin K which all help contribute to building stronger bones
  • Parasites no more! Surprised? Raw, organic pumpkin seeds contain a unique amino acid called cucurbitin which can help prevent or expel worms and parasites. The seeds can be fed to your pup whole as a treat or grinded
  • Helps Moisturize skin & coat. Along with Vitamin A and Zinc, pumpkin helps improve your pup’s skin and coat. With the added moisture, their skin and fur would shed less.
  • Aiding in Weight Loss. When added in a pup’s diet, the pumpkin’s high moisture and fibre content can help out a little with weight loss by keeping them pretty full.

Is your Dog suffering from Diarrhea or Constipation? Pumpkins to the rescue.

Pumpkin flesh contains soluble fiber and high in water content and this can help with your dog’s digestion. Ultimately helping the diarrhea issues, and ironically constipation as well.

‘What? If a pumpkin could help with diarrhea, how could it help with constipation as well?!’ 

Well, pumpkins also contain insoluble fiber and this helps draw water into the GI tract and lubricate dry stool. Ultimately, this would help greatly for your dogs to pass stool.

  • Try adding a tablespoon or two (depending on your dog’s size) of pureed pumpkin to your pet’s regular meal to help with their indigestion or an upset stomach.

It’s important to note, if you do suspect your dog of having serious underlying health conditions, we recommend a visit to the vet.

With all the health benefits listed, why not try out some pumpkin?

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How much pumpkin should I feed my dog to make sure he/she gets all the health benefits?

After all the benefits listed on top, you may be totally into the idea of integrating pumpkin into your dog’s food.

A great way to start is to have 1-4 tablespoons of pumpkin puree mixed into your dog’s normal food. It should be noted to start off slowly so you won’t overwhelm the pup’s stomach and keep an eye on his/her bowel movement or behavior to gauge if it’s going well! 

How to Prepare Pumpkins for your Dog?

If you’ve picked up some fresh pumpkin for the local market or ‘pasar’ have no fear as it’s super easy to prepare a pumpkin for your dogs. Cooked and pureed pumpkin is one of the easiest ways for our dogs to eat, digest and absorb all the nutrients a pumpkin has to offer. 

  • You could either bake the pumpkin flesh on 180°C for 45 minute (until it’s ‘fork-tender) and have it blended into a puree or cut the pumpkin into small cubes and have it steamed until soft.
  • Don’t forget about the seeds that you’ve scooped out as well! have them blended with the pumpkin puree you’ve made or even have them roasted on 180°C for 10-15 minute and grinded before feeding them to your doggos

Check out some recipes by clicking here.

Fresh out of pumpkin right now? 

If you’re fresh out of pumpkin why not try out PledgeCare’s Halloween special dog treats? With the Chicken Gizzards with pumpkins and Beef Nuggets with Carrots. Click here to browse the products.

healthy pumpkin treats for dogs

Your pup will be reaping all the pumpkin benefits along with the nutrients from the chicken gizzards. Get it here before it runs out. It’s ‘fang-tastic’ and so ‘hauntingly good’ that your dog would stay for more!

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