Chicken Recipe for Dogs

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Our air-dried chicken recipe is made on the concept of raw diets with 85% fresh chicken to help your dog live a longer and happier life.

  • Packed with fresh meat and veggies, none of the bad stuff
  • Approved by picky eaters and dogs with food sensitivities
  • An easy way for busy dog parents to feed a diet with home-cooked nutrition. Suitable as a full meal or food topper

Earn up to 479 PledgeCoins

  • Cost per meal: RM0.75 - RM3
  • Daily feeding amount: 17g - 68g
  • Split the cost and feeding portion
    by 2 if you use it as a food topper
  • Cost per meal: RM3.5 - RM9
  • Daily feeding amount: 78g - 193g
  • Split the cost and feeding portion
    by 2 if you use it as a food topper
  • Cost per meal: RM9+
  • Daily feeding amount: 200g+
  • Split the cost and feeding portion
    by 2 if you use it as a food topper

An easy way to feed healthy

Serving your dog with the best

  • Gently air-dried to protect nutrients
  • Nutrition like home-cooked meals, easy to feed like dry food
  • 85% fresh meat from Malaysian suppliers
  • Ingredients at the front of the packaging

With none of the bad stuff

  • Highly processed at extreme temperatures
  • Grains or cheap fillers
  • Meat meals or added flavouring
  • Ingredients hidden at the back of the packaging

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21 reviews for Chicken Recipe for Dogs

  1. Edmund Chuah (verified owner)

    My new puppy is a picky eater. Tried a lot of imported food but when she got this, my worries goes away. Currently mixing half home cooked food

  2. ZhiQi (verified owner)

    My pom loves to eat this, I mix this with his kibbles, and he always finishes his bowl.

  3. Christina (verified owner)

    I purchased it for my poodle niece who is 14 years old. She loves it very much. My sister mixed the air dried chicken with kibbles for her. So pleased to know such quality product is made in Malaysia ??

  4. Vivien Loh (verified owner)

    My 4-month-old pom pom was losing his fur and seemed to have itchy skin, no matter what we tried. He’s also a picky eater but with this, he always comes back to his bowl and finishes everything. It has been a month since we started him on this and he appears to have thicker and shinier coat already!

  5. Ethel055 (verified owner)

    My GSD loves this, every time I mix it with kibbles, she eats it all. Was very pleased as she’s a picky eater.

  6. Ongkayai (verified owner)

    Smells really good and all three of my dogs likes to munch on it. Lots of crunching. I like to hydrate it with some chicken broth for my older dog. Good to know they’re eating good food.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review <3 It glads me to hear the doggos enjoy!

  7. Tsu Ching Lau (verified owner)

    This product needs more reviews! I have been buying these over and over again and its definitely paw-approved product! Trustable quality for my furkids!

  8. jeffboon97 (verified owner)

    Clean packaging, my picky corgi puppy loves it. Very similar to raw food frozen but serves like kibble.

  9. peekaboo (verified owner)

    My pekingese puppy loves it. The food smells really good. However, it is quite dry and big for him. Sometimes will choke a bit. After breaking it into smaller pieces, it is fine. Planning to try the duck recipe next.

  10. Siew Cheng Mok

    My corgi loves it but sometimes choke a bit while eating. Maybe she eats too fast or the food is too dry. For the leftover crumbs, I soften them with some water and mix with kibbles. I tried the fish myself it taste like the dried fish satay snack but minus the salt and chilies. Will purchase other meat recipe.

  11. Jacquelineloo123 (verified owner)

    My picky pups love this so much. It’s like a treat to them

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    my boy trying to be fussy and showing no interest on his food especially kibbles. after he try this chicken recipe, i can know that he likes it very much. I will purchase new flavor for him to try later on. tq

  13. Daniel Gun (verified owner)

    Good product, my dog very like it

  14. Deborah Cheah (verified owner)

    Baby gal love it very much

  15. Mabel Teoh (verified owner)

    My lab mix doesn’t handle chicken BARF well but surprisingly, she does pretty well with this chicken recipe as a topper on top of her current kibble and BARF mix.

  16. Pharadee (verified owner)

    My Beagle puppy really loves the chicken recipe, the chicken strips and the anchovies treats…previously he has some dandruff like rashes on his skin but his skin and fur changes after I mixed pledgecare products with his kibbles. Now he doesn’t seem to want his old kibbles anymore as only those are left in his feeding bowl..all pledgecare products were gobbled up within seconds ??.

  17. Deborah Cheah (verified owner)

    Bought few flavours for her to try. So far she like the chicken recipes

  18. Tracy (verified owner)

    Smells good and nutritious! My poodle loves it so much!

    • pledgecare

      Thank you very much for the review once again Tracy <3 We look forward to your next visit 🙂

  19. Thomas Lee (verified owner)

    Our doggy simply loved it. Would be great if pledgecare has a starter pack with all varieties so we can see which he likes the most before purchasing bigger portions

    • pledgecare

      Thank you very much for your kind review Thomas! We also appreciate the feedback that you have and will take it into consideration 😀

  20. Tanya

    My dog loves it so much! I can see improvement for her coat and stool too! Food delivery is quick as well which is great
    ps, the dog food smells good too.

  21. Pie (verified owner)

    My silky terrier is quite picky but she can eat this without mixing with Thailand snacks . She don’t want to eat kibbles now & loves chicken recipe mix with chicken strips.

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