Duck Recipe for Dogs

With Carrot, Pumpkin and Papaya

80% Fresh Duck Meat, Bones and Organs

20% Veggie, Fruits & Superfoods

Balanced for All Breeds & Life Stages


Why dogs love our food

Our diets are made with fresh, natural meats, vegetables and superfoods from local suppliers. We air-dry our food slowly and on low temperatures to lock in all the goodness and bring out its fullest flavour. It’s our trusted recipe for healthy and happy dogs.

Air-dried raw dog food

Making The Switch

Switching from an old food to a new one can be a little tough on your pup’s tummy. We advice to introduce our diet slowly over the course of 5-7 days, gradually increasing the amount of our food while decreasing the other until your pup is fully transitioned. 

air-dried dog food
raw dog food dehydrated
dog fully on raw diet

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8 reviews for Duck Recipe for Dogs

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Smells really great and non greasy at all.. my silly toy poodle chomped all up really fast and got herself choke on her first feeding.. guess she really loves it..

  2. SB lim (verified owner)

    My malamute loves this and its good for his sensitive skin, no issues so far

  3. Mabel Teoh

    I remember getting this recipe when it was first launched – there was just chicken and my gal doesn’t do great on chicken. This is great as a topper or full meal by itself. If you have senior dogs, you can soak it first to soften it. It crumbles easily – as expected with all air dried thin items. I add water to the dust and she still loves it!

  4. Deborah Cheah (verified owner)

    Healthy food for my dog. Love it

  5. Lydia Cheah (verified owner)

    I have a rescued Shih Tzu with Malassezia and to help manage his itch and skin condition, I’ve tried other frozen BARF brands in the past too (also duck). PledgeCare definitely offers the convenience of feeding dry kibble, but without the salt and other fillers and mess of frozen raw food.

    However, as much as we love the product, the packaging, the delivery process, and the company’s values, our dog’s stool has been incredibly soft since we switched from frozen BARF food to PledgeCare’s air-dried food. We’ve started supplementing his meals with fibre from green beans but have yet to see improvement. We noticed he stops eating halfway sometimes, and it is likely because the pieces are quite big for his small and old Shih Tzu mouth. Soaking it in water does help though.

    We’ve been feeding our dog PledgeCare for 3 weeks now, and just bought more to last another 3 weeks. We will continue to evaluate whether it is a good fit for our dog, but as owners, we genuinely love the product and hope to see PledgeCare succeed.

  6. Clarisse (verified owner)

    Awesome! Even my picky eater loves it! Healthy and nutritious for my lovely furkids

  7. Joanne Chow (verified owner)

    My dog is 4 month old now. She initially has skin itchiness problem. Somehow after taking PledgeCare dried food, her condition is so much improved. I am really happy with it. Hope the food quality will be so good in long run as I will continue buying from you. Thank you PledgeCare!

  8. Jun

    Smells really good and furkid quite like it. Except that it was quite crumbly when it arrived – maybe caused by posting agents.

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