The Pet Parent Guide: Top 4 must-have things for your new pet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked an interest in pet adoption worldwide: people are spending more time alone and indoors.

This loneliness has seen a significant increase in people seeking pet adoption as a means of companionship. While it’s great that more people are welcoming animals into their lives, the impulsive decision also means a large number of people don’t actually know what their new fur-mily members need!

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner making sure you’ve got everything prepared to welcome your new fur-mily member home, or you’re just looking for extra special gifts you can give to your cats and dogs (because they deserve it), check out our comprehensive pet gift guide below:

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1) Pet Insurance

You may have adopted your adorable new pet for a minimal price or even free, but did you know that the unexpected medical expenses of cats and dogs can quickly become expensive and unmanageable?

Unfortunately, the rising number of abandoned or stray animals is inevitably linked to the trend of people adopting pets during the pandemic. Many of these unforeseen circumstances lead to well-meaning pet owners feeling like they’re at their wits end with the financial burden, leading them to abandon their pets.

So before you frantically start comparing nutritional compositions and prices of pet food or the varying materials and shapes of pet food bowls, consider the worst-case scenarios of how you are going to afford the potential unanticipated costs of medical procedures. One of the best ways to do this is to get pet insurance.

Oyen Pet Health Insurance (Malaysia)

  • Benefits
    • Up to RM8,000 vet medical cost covered nationwide
    • Accepts all breeds of cats and many breeds of dogs
    • Insures pets up to 10 years old
    • Claims can be done digitally
    • Covers chronic illnesses, including cancer, kidney disease, heart diseases, and more
    • Reimbursable from all registered vet clinics
    • Includes overnight stays, diagnosis, and follow-up treatments

Oyen is a digital-first pet healthcare insurance provider that offers the highest medical limit in Malaysia, covering up to 90% of eligible vet fees that include accidents, emergencies, unexpected illnesses, and more!

What really caught our eye about Oyen’s pet healthcare insurance is that they’re digital-first.

During a pandemic where we should really be trying to avoid face-to-face interactions as much as possible, the convenience of being able to submit our claims digitally makes things so much easier.

Not to mention, we can then save time caring for our dear pets instead of going through the hassle of paper forms, cheques, and more. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t love that their name is a nod to the naughty (naughtiest!) Malaysian ginger kitties?

Learn more about Oyen and their pet insurance coverage here

Balanced Pet Diet is important to ensure pet's health

2) A Balanced Pet Diet

Now that you’ve sorted out the worst-case scenarios for your animal family member, you can start focusing on their health!

While chunkiness in your pets can look adorable, did you know that pet obesity affects their immunity, energy levels, and overall quality of life?

If your pet is a little on the chunky side or suffers from lifestyle issues/allergies, the first thing you can do is to look into their diet.


Make a difference for your pet’s health with real food


  • Benefits
    • Human-grade, preservative-free ingredients (no chemicals and mystery meat here!)
    • Fresh meat, no cheap fillers and grain-free recipes
    • Multiple protein options for fussy cats and dogs
    • Formulated with the help of pet nutritionists (with over 15 years of experience)
    • Offers both oven-baked and air-dried pet food recipes
    • Convenient, long shelf life
    • Portion of proceeds donated to local animal shelters

We’re a small and dedicated team of animal lovers who believe in the best possible nutrition for your cats and dogs. Our core belief is that all animals deserve better – and that means feeding your pets real food.

We spent 8 months testing out over 20 different recipes (including external lab testing) to get the nutritional composition of our pet food right, so as not to toot our own horn, but Pledgecare pet food provides great nutrition for your pets using wholesome, human-grade ingredients.

PledgeCare operates as a social enterprise and proudly donates a share of our proceeds to local shelters helping animals in need. Check us out here.

Safety Collars for your pets is a must need.

3) Pet safety collar 

Your new animal friend has now got their insurance covered and they’re full of energy thanks to a good diet.

You whip your phone out to film your adorable cat’s newfound lease for life in the form of zoomies. It’s all cuteness and cuddles until one of your pets starts ruining your favourite shoes, or tearing apart your 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Oh no! 

The third most important thing to know as a pet owner is learning how to manage your pets energy levels. That means walks and playtime. So how do you do this while also keeping your pet safe (and in style ?)?

Haiwan Custom Leather Breakaway Safety Collar

  • Benefits:
    • Breakaway buckles, safe for cats and dogs
    • Comes in a variety of beautiful colours and sizes
    • Locally handcrafted, custom made with options for engraving
    • Additional option to engrave phone number
    • Made from durable material, including brass details

We’re staunch believers of breakaway collars. Breakaway collars, also known as quick-release collars, are designed to snap open when pulled or tugged with enough force. This means that if your pet’s collar gets caught on something (like a tree branch), they’ll be able to escape with ease.

Haiwan’s gorgeous custom leather breakaway safety collar is an elegant, high-quality choice for any pet owner. The adjustable collar comes in three sizes and multiple colour options. Haiwan also provides the option to engrave your phone number and your pet’s name, and if you like, add a bell as well.

Haiwan also provides a curated offering of stylish lifestyle accessories, harnesses (did you know you can train your cat to walk on a leash?), and even a Paw Imprint Dome!

Get the Haiwan Custom Leather Breakaway Safety Collar here.

Orange graphic banner which says "Play Time" for the 4

4) Playtime

We can’t stress how important playtime is for your pets. It keeps them healthy, happy, and away from your enticing oh-so-chewable sneakers. One of the best ways to keep your pets interested is through feeder puzzles, interactive toys, and supervised outdoor time.


Tofuspace is a Malaysian pet accessories store that features all sorts of fun, adorable accessories and toys that your pets will love! Some of our favourites include Rattan Vintage Carrier Bag, High-Quality Cat Teaser Toy, Interactive Lemon Toy for Dogs and Cats.

So there you have it, the top four things your pets need right now. Think we missed anything out? Just slide us a DM on Instagram at @pledgecareorg or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]!

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