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Made with fresh meat & produce formulated by pet nutritionists with 15+ years experience leaving out bad stuff your pet doesn't need

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Perfect for food sensitivities & allergies

Dehydrated dog food

Gently air-dried, no high heat or pressure involved

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Chicken recipe for cats

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Chicken recipe for dogs

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Whole anchovies for dogs & cats

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Yes! Our air-dried recipes are made as a complete diet for all breeds and life stages for dogs and cats.

Yes! As a matter of fact many of our customers (especially with large breeds) use our air-dried recipes to boost their pets health.

We bet you know the feeling after eating a healthy meal – it’s good! 

Feeding a food high in fresh meat has a great impact on your pet’s health too. This include more energy, less allergies, shinier coat & healthy weight. 

Our food is made without artificial preservatives but stays fresh due to a very low moisture content. A bag stays fresh 6 months after manufacturing and 8 weeks after opening when stored in a dry area. 

Yes! Our food is made with fresh, 100% human-grade ingredients, no highly processed meat meals, cheap fillers or artificial preservatives.  

Often the best solution to allergies or intolerances is a natural and minimal processed diet. PledgeCare is also significantly lower in carbohydrates (∼5% vs. 35-70% for kibble) which can help reduce dry and itchy skin and other common allergy-symptoms.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please do not hesitate contacting us on social media or at pledgecareorg@gmail.com.

air-dried dog food with natural ingredients

Animal lovers to the core

PledgeCare is run by a small dedicated team of wholehearted animal-lovers. Our belief is that all animals deserve better – not only the ones living in our homes, but also the strays living in the streets. We operate as a social enterprise and proudly donate a share of our proceeds to local shelters helping animals in need.

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