Oven-Baked Chicken Recipe for Dogs (Medium/Large Breeds)

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The oven-baked chicken recipe is our take on a high-quality, daily meal for your medium/large breed dog made by pet nutritionists

  • Packed with proteins from fresh meat, no grains or meat meals
  • Rich in Omegas to promote healthy skin & coat
  • Approved by picky eaters and dogs with food sensitivities

Earn up to 415 PledgeCoins

  • Cost per meal: RM0.5 - RM1.2
  • Daily feeding amount: 19g - 75g
  • Cost per meal: RM1.2 - RM3.5
  • Daily feeding amount: 86g - 213g
  • Cost per meal: RM3.5+
  • Daily feeding amount: 220g+

The Healthy Kibble

Serving your dog with the best

  • Gently baked to protect nutrients
  • High in fresh meat from Malaysian suppliers
  • Ingredients at the front of the packaging
  • Good for coat and skin health

With none of the bad stuff

  • Highly processed at extreme temperatures
  • Meat meals or added flavouring
  • Ingredients hidden at the back of the packaging
  • Grains or cheap fillers

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18 reviews for Oven-Baked Chicken Recipe for Dogs (Medium/Large Breeds)

  1. Athel Lim (verified owner)

    I use these as treats when I take my dogs out for their daily walks. They love it so much that they keep their focus on me hoping to get another. And if they don’t get one immediately they would just sit in a spot and not move until I give them a piece and then they would happily trot along.

  2. Joanne (verified owner)

    My big pup loves it. Small pup eats it more regularly despite her fussy ness. Will definitely reorder.

  3. Joanne Scott (verified owner)

    First bag. Seems ok for now. Hope they have more oven baked kibbles too. Would be good if they have refill stations to reduce packaging waste.

  4. Kavitha (verified owner)

    My dog is a picky eater and loves Pledgecare, however he refused to eat the oven baked chicken recipe. It is a bit hard compared to the freeze dried recipe. I even tried soaking it in bone broth, adding to his wet food and also breaking it to small pieces (i bought a big bag so i had to try all means to make him eat haha). nothing worked. Do try the sampler first. Maybe your dog will like it afterall 🙂

  5. easwaran (verified owner)

    Excellent dog food. My Husky just love it very much.

  6. Shimri Lim (verified owner)

    My dog loves this food. Gobbles it down with much pleasure. The only downside is that the poo is still a bit soft even after 2 weeks of transitioning. Hope it will firm up soon.

  7. premanesan sivanesan (verified owner)

    My dog loves this dog food very much. I personally will recommend this product as it brings too many good quality dog food at an affordable price

  8. Clara

    My 3 pets love other pledgecare products, however this turns out to be a disappointment, none of them are just not willing to take it no matter what. Pledgecare shared some solutions, but didn’t work on them. Suggest to try the sample pack first.

  9. axylene (verified owner)

    yes my Cooper love it so much ! I add the oven baked chicken with his current kibbles together

  10. mingchien (verified owner)

    As human, I don’t really like it as I can really smell the raw chicken BUT my dog loves it, so it doesn’t matter! I currently use it as topper, mix with his current kibbles that he has got bored of.

  11. kopi.ng (verified owner)

    I add the oven baked chicken recipe kibble to my dog meal (with another brand kibble). I mainly focus on my dog skin and coat issues. Found out that after consuming this recipe, my dog skin and coat issues seem to be better, I can see new fur growing. Hopefully it continues to help with my dog skin and coat health.

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have finished a bag of chicken meal, I fed among 4 dogs. It has given them diarrhea everytime they consume it. So, I don’t think you’ll get a positive review from my end. It’s a shame.

  13. Stephanie Lim (verified owner)

    All our 5 dogs (from large to small) including our Cat loves this recipe! It may look a bit big for smaller dogs but our tiny cat (3.5kgs) loves to sneak in and steal it from the doggies!

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      Thanks a lot for your review Stephanie <3 We appreciate it!

  14. Jackie Yong (verified owner)

    All my three daughters love this. They experience lesser rashes after consuming this product. I did not feed this as main meal but snacks for them. The delivery was fast and professional.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      That’s fantastic news! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Tsu Ching Lau (verified owner)

    Received the package today and immediately let my 2 toy poodles have some for food tasting..
    the kibbles felt just like a flat 2by2 lego and i thought it would be hard for my 12yo poodle to bite but i was wrong! Immediately she ate a handful of these and asking for more!

  16. Jo Mie Chin (verified owner)

    I am so glad my Poodle is still currently eating this Oven-Baked Chicken recipe from PledgecCare for almost 2 weeks already since the day I received it . 🙂 I have to constantly search for meals for my dog as he gets bored of his meals easily. I am glad I saw this during my search. At first , he won’t eat it and also I have a concern for the shape as it is square and flat and looks like not easy to bite/chew. He is loving it now although we have to hand fed him only he will eat. But that’s ok as long as he eats his meals everyday . 🙂 I personally like the smell and the frangrant seems tasty and does not makes my hands smelly after holding it . I hope my dog will continues to eat this for as long as possible. Hopefully! Fingers crossed ! 🙂

  17. Mabel Teoh (verified owner)

    The size of the “kibble” (don’t know what else to call it) is just right for medium sized dogs. It is very fragrant – my dogs went crazy the moment the parcel came – and definitely makes for a good topper or standalone meal if you find the air-dried formula pricey. Definitely a must try!

  18. peekaboo (verified owner)

    Afraid it was too hard for my dog. However, it turned out to be fine. My dog loves it. It’s more economical for those who find the air dried ones on the higher end of budget, but offering the same quality and care from Pledgecare. Highly recommended.

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