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Having a Dog in a Big City

Does a pooch harmonize with an apartment and a life in downtown? The answer is; Woof – ehm – yes I mean.

Living in a vibrant and big city means tons of impressions. It’s a great way for your dog to see, hear and smell something new every day. A long walk in a park or down the street is fantastic and it’s also an open door to socialize with other pups – as long you remember the poop bags! There’s nothing worse than accidentally stepping on Fido’s faecal matter. Moreover, you have plenty of opportunities to bring your dog along to different events, for instance, an outdoor concert. Your dog will love the metropolitan life. He may even begin debating politics.

Match breed with lifestyle

However, there are things you must take into consideration and the breed is one of them. Having a hyper shepherd in a small flat with limited human contact is a bad idea. Many toy dogs also have a high energy level which requires you to walk and feed them often. The breed’s energy level and need for socializing are attributes that are important to think through before adopting. You can check out this article for some breed inspiration that can match your criteria. We have also written a blog post, “How to find the right breed for you”, you can read here.

For renters that are dog owners, you should consider having a pet health insurance policy and a renters insurance policy with pet liability coverages because they serve different yet important purposes.

3 dogs that suit life in an apartment combined with a busy lifestyle

Down below, we have made an all-around list of 3 dog breeds that may suit you.

The Dachshund

A dachshund suits very well in an apartment. Their short legs allow them to get plenty of exercise in a small area. Moreover, they can tolerate being left alone for a couple of hours every day. Dachshunds are also very friendly – also towards your children. The dachshund is not considered as a “stranger-friendly dog”, but like every other breed, he will get more companionable as an adult if he’s exposed to different kind of people as a puppy. It just requires adaption in the early ages.  You can read more about the dachshund specifications here. 

The French Bulldog

This beautiful breed is ideal for life in small surroundings. A French Bulldog is incredibly friendly and has a limited need for exercise. Training a French Bulldog is also considered fairly easy, which is perfect if you don’t want your brand new designer sofa to be destroyed. It’s important to note that the French Bulldog needs a great amount of human attention. They don’t have a high tolerance when it comes to being left alone, so if you’re extremely busy in your every day then find someone who can look after your frenchie or chose another breed. But again, it all comes down to adaption. We discuss solutions for a busy every day later in this blog post. If you’re interested in learning more about the French Bulldog, check out this article. 

The Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is the king of independence. They can be left alone for plenty of hours. However, they have a relatively high energy level, which means you need to be creative. You have to make sure he’s occupied. Otherwise, you can say “goodbye” to your favourite furniture. We’ll give you some tips and tricks later on. Because of his independence, a Shiba Inu can be complicated to train – although he has high intelligence. Training a Shiba Inu requires time. So if you’re busy in your every day, hire a professional for the best result. You can find more information about this interesting breed here. 

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The solution for a busy every day

If you insist on having an energized pup with high requirements regarding human attention – even though you have a busy every day – we have 3 useful tips you can benefit from:

  1. Hire someone who can walk your dog. Instead, you can train some obedience commandoes with him. This will keep you and your pup close, although you guys don’t see each other throughout the day.
  2. Arrange playdates. If your neighbour Mrs Gibson has a dog too then get them together and play. It’s a great way for your dog to socialize.
  3. Make sure your pup is occupied with activities. Hide his favourite treat inside a toy. I guarantee this will keep him busy. NB: The toy should be indestructible.

You may benefit from the following article if you’re looking for more “dog in an apartment” tips.

Anxiety in dogs

The life in downtown is not for every dog. Some dogs have difficulties adapting a life in a big city – especially if they are exposed to anxiety. All the loud sounds and new impressions can be overwhelming and scary. Happily, you and your dog can overcome this together. In our blog post, “Dealing with an anxious dog in a big city”, we dig deeper into this issue.

Finally, it’s important for us to emphasize that dogs are social animals, so remember not to constantly leave them alone. There’s a reason why we call them our best friends.

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