Tail-Wagging Starter

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What’s included?

  • 1 sample bag of air-dried chicken recipe (20g).
  • 1 sample bag of air-dried duck recipe (20g).
  • 1 sample bag of air-dried fish recipe (20g).
  • 1 sample bag of air-dried beef recipe (20g).

Is your pup a picky eater? As dog owners ourselves, we understand that pups can be very fussy about their food!

That’s why we have created this bundle with sample packs of our recipes for you to figure out what your cat likes the best before you get a larger pack! 

Pick 4 samples of your choice in total​

  • Chicken Recipe (20g)

    24 in stock

  • Duck Recipe (20g)

    32 in stock

  • Fish Recipe (20g)

    23 in stock

  • Beef Recipe (20g)

    24 in stock

Earn up to 10 PledgeCoins

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1 review for Tail-Wagging Starter

  1. Chuah Wan Teng

    The dog food is seem like very healthy

    • pledgecare

      It definitely is! 😉

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