Fish Protein & Appetite Booster for Dogs

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Our air-dried food topper is made on the concept of raw diets to boost your dog’s daily protein intake and appetite for a longer and happier life

  • Packed with fresh meat - no grains, meat meals and artificials
  • An easy way to boost protein intake and increase appetite
  • Sprinkle over your pup's wet food or mix it with home-cooked meals


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  • Daily feeding amount: 1-2 table spoons
  • Daily feeding amount: 2-4 table spoons
  • Daily feeding amount: 4+ table spoons

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6 reviews for Fish Protein & Appetite Booster for Dogs

  1. Yi Xin (verified owner)

    The product has the smell of sardine, my pets look healthier after consuming this topper with their food.

  2. yien (verified owner)

    My dog loves it so much, she waits for it to be topped before starting her meal. It’s now a staple!

  3. priveena

    My puppy loved it so muchh and finishing his meals now

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It was so good and my dog loves it…. pls restock it…in a very urgent need

  5. (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of fish food topper. It smells so nice that I feel like wanted to try it, it smells kind of similar to the roasted cuttlefish snack ?. My dog isn’t a picky eater, so I can’t tell whether he likes it or not. Glad that this food topper is made into flakes which is easy to be eaten by senior dog. Thanks to Pledgecare team, they value their customer. I found extra 1 bottle of the fish topper and I thought it was mistakenly sent to me. There’s an appreciation note inside the parcel that this is given to spoil my dog ? thanks for the love ?

  6. b Vathsala

    hopefully it’s suits my babies

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