Hermet Harvest for Dogs (Medium/Large Breeds)

Our air-dried Hermet Harvest represents our commitment to crafting a premium, eco-friendly daily meal for your pup, featuring high-quality ingredients sourced from Malaysia.

  • Rich in proteins and premium amino acids from locally farmed black soldier fly larvae
  • Supports skin, fur, bone, joint, and digestive health
  • Approved by picky eaters and dogs with food sensitivities
  • Low environmental impact through insect farming making it a conscientious choice for both your pup and the planet

Earn up to 165 PledgeCoins

  • Cost per meal: RM0.3 - RM1.2
  • Daily feeding amount: 22g - 86g
  • Cost per meal: RM1.2 - RM3.4
  • Daily feeding amount: 86g - 244g
  • Cost per meal: RM3.4+
  • Daily feeding amount: 244g+

The perfect protein for your pup's palate

Carefully crafted, Protenga cultivates insects on a purposeful, plant-based diet, yielding a premium protein for pets – a harmonious mix of balanced nutrition, ideal amino acids, palatability, and hypoallergenic qualities. This unique blend stars in our Hermet Harvest recipe.

Committed to rigorous quality control, Protenga ensures adherence to GMP and HACCP standards, delivering the finest insect protein for your pup. 

Indulge your furkid in a delicious meal while making an eco-conscious choice. Bon appétit!

The Healthy Kibble

Serving your dog with the best

  • Gently air-dried to protect nutrients
  • Nutrition like home-cooked meals, easy to feed like dry food
  • Ingredients at the front of the packaging
  • Good for coat and skin health

With none of the bad stuff

  • Highly processed at extreme temperatures
  • Meat meals or added flavouring
  • Ingredients hidden at the back of the packaging
  • Grains or cheap fillers

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