Double Chicken Combo

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What’s included? 

  • 1 bag of our oven-baked chicken recipe (1.5kg)
  • 1 bag of our air-dried raw chicken recipe (750g)

We’ve got the best of both world in this combo for you and your furkids. Have our oven-baked recipe and top it off with our air-dried recipe for a meal packed with nutrients and proteins!

What's in your bundle?

Oven-Baked Chicken Recipe

Air-Dried Chicken Recipe


Chicken Recipe

1 (750g)

Oven-Baked Chicken Recipe

1 (1.5kg)
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6 reviews for Double Chicken Combo

  1. Hildegard Fareed (verified owner)

    My dog still loves it.

    • pledgecare (verified owner)

      We’re happy to hear that!

  2. Jackie Yong (verified owner)

    My dog loves it. Not too hard for it to chew. It takes the air-dried chicken as treats more than actual meal.

  3. Tsu Ching Lau (verified owner)

    My poodles stool is more solid when feeding the oven baked compared to the air dried raw chicken.. so i feel its better to mix both into their diet..

  4. tcming0115 (verified owner)

    Just bought this combo and let my dogs to try as they are quite picky. I feel like oven baked is a bit hard for my dogs to chew, but the air dried is very crunchy. Overall, my 4 dogs loved it so much and will buy it again.

  5. Hildegard Fareed (verified owner)

    My dog Fifa loves it. We are on the second bag of oven baked chicken. Her stool is softer than usual, so it would be harder to pick up if you have to do so. I let my dog poo on the newspaper, so no problem, but is this normal or should I change to a different one?

  6. Mabel Teoh (verified owner)

    Bought this bundle because both dogs love the air-dried raw and the oven-baked chicken. Good value for money!

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