animal adoption centres in kl and selangor

List of Animal Adoption Centres in KL & Selangor Area 2021

Like other countries, Malaysia struggles with stray dogs and cats. Many of these animals have never experienced life in a loving, family home. Luckily, there are animal shelters and animal rescue organizations that rescue and rehome these animals.

So if you’re looking to adopt a dog or a cat in the Kuala Lumpur area, do visit these animal shelters and animal rescue organizations and bring home a furry friend:

OBS: Do note that we, PledgeCare, are not an animal shelter but a social enterprise donating our proceeds to charity. We do not offer any dogs for adoption. However, we encourage you to check out the shelters down below.

1. KL Pooch Resort And Rescue (KLPR&R)

KL Pooch Resort & Rescue

KL Pooch Resort And Rescue (KLPR) is an animal welfare organization who treats and rehomes rescues. Their mission is to be self-sustainable. So if you’re not looking to adopt, why not treat your dog with a complete makeover in the Doggie Doos Salon to help fund the maintenance of the place.

They also provide dog boarding. During your pup’s stay at KLPR&R, it’s possible for him to get a swim in their saltwater pool or getting some exercise on their custom-made slat treadmills.

KLPR&R also hopes to educate people on why it’s crucial to neuter/spay their puppies and over time see a decrease in strays on the streets. If you’re curious in learning more about KL Pooch Resort and Rescue, you can check out their Facebook or website.

Address: Kalumpang, 44100 Selangor.

Tel: 016-2333647

2. Second Chance Animal Society

Second Chance Rescue Center

Second Chance Animal Society is a no-kill animal shelter with a mission to rescue and rehome stray dogs. Since their beginning in 2009, Second Chance has saved more than 1000 stray dogs in Selangor – and 50% of them have been rehomed.

As an advocate for the “Adopt, Don’t Buy” initiative, they encourage potential pet owners to adopt from shelters in an effort to lower the number of strays. The Second Chance shelter is solely run on public donations and voluntary aids.

If you’re interested in learning more about Second Chance, do not hesitate to visit their Facebook or Website.

We have also visited Second Chance Animal Society which you can watch down below. If you wish to learn more about our foods or treats, feel free to visit our website here.

Address: Pekan Batu 14, Hulu Langat, Selangor

Tel: 012-9192263

3. Allergic Rescuers

Allergic Rescuers Kuala Lumpur

Allergic Rescuers KL is an independent animal rescue group comprised of Rosy Kim, a Korean-American expat spouse who was previously working in the fashion industry in Hong Kong, and Jon Wong, a compliance officer during the week and a devoted animal rescuer on the weekends.

As independent rescuers, Rosy and Jon rely on their own time, energy and financial resources to rescue, foster and adopt out stray animals rescued from the streets, despite their cat allergies. They operate with a lot of help from a dedicated network of fosterers, fellow independent rescuers, and few sponsors who donate funds or supplies.

Since inception in June 2018, they have managed to take 130 animals off the streets and successfully adopted out 90+ of them to loving homes. In addition to adoptions, they also practice TNRM (trap-neuter-return-manage) for cats too feral to be adopted. All animals under their care are socialized, de-wormed, de-fleaed, vaccinated at least once and spayed/neutered if old enough, prior to adoption.

Do make sure to check out Allergic Rescuers KL on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach them online through Facebook or Instagram.

4. My Pets Haven

My Pets Haven Animal Shelter

My Pets Haven was founded in the year 2009 by a lady named Aileen Lee who used to work in a pet-shop. However, she decided to open her own rescue centre to help rehome stray animals. Actually, the centre is a pet shop but they don’t sell animals. Instead, they rescue strays, neuter them and put the animals up for adoption once they’re in better shape.

The centre homes 35 dogs and 8 cats and is solely run by Aileen and one employee. Besides adopting, they also provide boarding, grooming services and sell pet accessories and necessities.

My Pets Haven relies on donations to help with the bills related to our animals. They also welcome volunteers any day to help out – you just have to contact My Pets Haven and schedule a date.

For more information visit their Facebook or Instagram

Like Second Chance animal shelter, we have also visited My Pets Haven. If you’re interested in seeing how that went you can check out our video down below. In case you’re browsing for new products for your pet, feel free to check out our healthy, raw nutrition diets.

Tel: 019-6632828, Aileen

Address: No. 11-1, Jalan Setia Prima, S U13/S, Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor

5. PAWS: Paws Animal Welfare Society

 PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya

Paws Animal Welfare Society is one of the non-profit animal shelters in Petaling Jaya. Moreover, it’s one of the largest shelters in Malaysia, housing over 500 animals in total.

The shelter’s main objective is to find new families for unwanted, abandoned and injured cats and dogs, which have been surrendered to the shelter. At the moment, the shelter is working at maximum capacity. This means that one adoption equals one less dog put to sleep.

Their team consists of three office staff, a number of part-time veterinarians, one vet assistant and seven kennel workers. 

For more information check out their Facebook or Instagram.

Tel: 03-7846-1087

6. SPCA Selangor

SPCA Selangor

SPCA Selangor is one of the oldest animal shelters and awelfare organizations in Malaysia. Founded in 1958, they have a long history of animal protection, education and caretaking. Their advanced adoption program ensures that all animals up for adoption are properly vaccinated, rehabilitated and socialized. Thus, you know your new companion is healthy and ready to join your family.

Moreover, SPCA Selangor offers a Pet Care Programme. It’s an opportunity to get more insight into the world of rescue centres and how SPCA Selangor deals with strays. Besides that, the Pet Care Programme also allows you to do volunteering work for SPCA Selangor.

Learn more at SPCA Selangor’s Facebook or Instagram page.

Address: Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-42565312

7. Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue MIAR

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) was founded in 2008 by Puspa Rani. A non-profit team that helps strays in need and is dedicated to saving abused animals, especially dogs. MIAR’s belief is that every animal deserves “Just One Chance”.

MIAR is formed by a group of rescuers dedicated to the rescue, fostering and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned dogs. The rescued dogs are up for adoption once they are medically treated, healed and rehabilitated.

Puspa Rani has to-date saved the lives and successfully rehabilitated & rehomed over 700 dogs.

You can visit their Facebook for more information!

Address: Jalan MU 1/6R, Seksyen 7, Taman Perindustrian Meranti Utama

Tel: 016-7129364/016-9975301

8. Furry Friends Farm

Furry Friends Farm Malaysia

Furry Friends Farm (FFF) was formed on the 4th of October 2006. A no-kill animal sanctuary for rescued, abandoned, abused and stray dogs and cats. The 1.8 acre farm is home to 500 or more animals. Dogs, cats, goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks and geese – as for the farm animal they are rescued from the destiny from ending on a dinner plate.

FFF was previously single-handedly run by its late founder Sabrina Yeap until her untimely passing in July 2012. Since then, FFF has been registered and operating as a society.

The animal shelter is also known as Persatuan Haiwan-Haiwan Kurang Dijaga Selangor in Bahasa. Check out their Facebook or Instagram!

Address: Kundang, Selangor

Tel: 016-3717692

9. Lucky Dogs Home

Uncle Vin Shelter

Formerly known as Uncle Win’s Shelter, Uncle Win started his humble shelter 30 years ago with the little savings he had. He takes care of 92 dogs all by himself. After the sad demise of Uncle Win on 18 March 2020, Lucky Dogs Home was formed by Mr. Francis Koh and has taken over the management with the aid of an Indonesian helper.

Because Lucky Dogs Home is a non-profit charitable shelter that is supported entirely by private contributions. Things since then have not changed. They need to raise funds to help pay off the vet bills as well as donations for medicine and dog food. 

If you wish to help them, be it volunteering at the shelter or contributing to donations, please contact them at the number below. You may also find them on their Facebook page here.

Watch Uncle Win’s story in the past and struggles on helping dogs in need in the video below!

Address: Bukit Broga, Semenyih

Tel:  019-3023311

10. Lost Animal Souls Shelter

Lost Animal Souls Shelter LASS

Lost Animal Souls Shelter (LASS) is a non-profit, no-kill, canine welfare organization that houses more than 250 destitute abandoned dogs. The shelter was founded by Vignes Chelliah and they are going into their 7th year of operation.

LASS is so into the belief of “A Dollar A Day Saves A Life” and would sincerely appreciate monthly contributions. A pair of extra hands to continuously bathe the dogs to keep them clean and fresh would be more welcome.

If you wish to contribute or offer volunteer help, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Check out their Facebook for more information.

Address: Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor

Tel: 016-3119637

We support local animal shelters

PledgeCare is run by a small team of wholehearted animal lovers who think that both pets and strays deserve better. We operate as a social enterprise and donate a part of our proceeds to local animal shelters/organizations helping animals in need. If you wish to learn more about us, feel free to visit our online pet store.

After all, we hope this article can inspire some of you to visit the 10 above-mentioned locations. Remember by adopting an animal from an animal shelter or rescue organization you save two lives – the one you’re adopting and the one who takes its place.

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68 thoughts on “List of Animal Adoption Centres in KL & Selangor Area 2021”

  1. Hi,
    There are a family of stray dogs in my area. 5 puppies and 2 adults. The condition here is not very good and I have been feeding them daily. The neighbourhood isn’t very fond of dogs and I really need someone to adopt them. Please give me a call 0142675020 if you’re interested.


  2. Hi good day to u!lm Suba here,just wanted to check with u is there any space for 2 stray dogs there at your shelter at the moment?

  3. Hi, I’m currently living alone away from home. I’m looking to foster a cat for some time. Do contact me (preferably whatsapp) if you have any cat up for fostering. I have no experience in fostering but I have experienced with having pet dog and cat before. Amber 0164229802 Klang valley area


      Hi, Amber. I have 4 rescued domestic cats to be adopted 2 Tom cats and 2 Pussy cats. All of them have been spayed and neutered plus vaccinated. If you are interested please watsapp me at 0162224620.

  4. Hi , I have a cat she’s 6 months old if anyone would like to adopt a cat contact me . She is so friendly and lovely n she likes to play n cuddle a lot .

  5. Hi, I have 5 puppies left near my area
    They seem less than 6 months old. They are cute and friendly puppy and they deserve a better home.
    We don’t afford to take care of them since we already have 5 dogs at home.
    If anyone would like to adopt please contact me.
    contact number 016-4844911 (Pradeba).

  6. Hi I have a siamese 8 year old male cat, neutered and looking for a cat loving person to take care of him. He might be scared for the first few weeks meeting new people but I believe he will be fine if you know how to work with cats. He’s not friendly with strangers but very loving with his owner. Please contact me at 019 265 3908 for further info. KL/Selangor area only.

  7. I’ve been fostering 2 rescue dogs, medium size mixed breed about 1 -2 years old (male – vaccinated, not spayed, female – vaccinated, spayed). I already have 2 dogs of my own, it’s beyond my capability to care for another 2. Anyone interested please msg me. 0172296822

    1. I have a puppy age around 8-9 months and I would to arrange for a adaption. He is a male and mongreal breed. He has taken 1 vaccines which includes covid vaccine. M currently living in a condominium and the management can’t afford to allow me to keep the puppy so I need to arrange for a shelter.

  8. I’ve been fostering 2 rescue dogs, medium size mixed breed about 1 -2 years old (male – vaccinated, not spayed, female – vaccinated, spayed). I already have 2 dogs of my own, it’s beyond my capability to care for another 2. Anyone interested please msg me.

  9. Lichemi K Muniandy

    Hi, multi poodle ready to give away for adoption. Spayed. She is 3 years old. Can’t manage due to busy schedules at work. Interested, can whatsapp me at 0193289104 for further details.

  10. Jazemin Mohd Shaber

    Hi, my parents are too old to take care of a cat that they took in a year ago. She was pregnant and now we have 6 cats all in all. But now, she and one of her daughters got pregnant again. We wish to take care of them, but my mother has health problems, so we can no longer take crlare of them.
    Can you tell me which pet centre can I bring them up for adoption?
    If anyone would like to see and adopt my cats, just wassapp me at 0196527282

    1. Hi Khalid,

      I have two beautiful adult cats (1 male and 1 female), will you be interested. I’m reachable at 016 665 9718.

      Thank you.

    2. Hi I have a siamese 8 years old male cat + neutered. Please contact me through whatsapp at 0192653908 if you’re interested!

  11. Jsut retired

    Would like to spend time with a small breed dos.

    Chihuahua or Miniature Pitcher


  12. I have a dog for adoption. Female and beagle. Vaccinated but not spayed. Good for mating. Contact 0112159227 for further details

  13. Hi . I found a cat , tried to look after but due to my alergies i cant look after the cat . Can u tell me where i can bring the cat to ?

    1. Dear kupo, there is a cute male chihuahua for adoption. His owner is a 80 yrs old stroke patient unable to care for him. Would u like to have a look at him.

  14. Dear all,
    My beloved 8yo female dog is not allowed to follow the family as we r being moved to a new place. We are desperately looking for a home for her. If anyone is interested pls WhatsApp me at 0186601911. She’s a brown colour mixed breed that we adopted many years ago, already neutered n very loving to humans.

    1. Hi,
      I’ve two kittens for adoption. Their mother brought them to my house and she died a few weeks later. Presently, I’m taking care of them temporarily. Anyone who is interested can contact me at 012-3931886 or 010-9462118 anytime. The first phone number is my primary contact number. I’m staying in Taman Bukit Maluri, KL. Thank you.

  15. Hi there I would like to adopt a puppy
    Is there any bichon frise,chow chow ,golden retriever , Japanese Spitz,Maltese or teacup pokerian

  16. Good day all,
    So the rescue family of 10 dogs (2 Adults & 9 puppies) i found few months ago have no other option but to be left out somewhere.
    All homes /shelters in and around kl/selangor are at full capacity.
    I cannot care for them much longer as I will be leaving for overseas in the next 2 days.
    I cannot stress how hard it is for me to do this, but I have been given no other option.
    So a last plea here for anyone to help care for this family of dogs.

  17. anyone here can help to adopt my 8 yrs old female dogs (Poodle) due to move into a condo where pets is not allowed, can someone adopt her, i really need help. Thanks

  18. Dear all,

    Just some pointers/advice for everyone here.
    1) If you have rescued puppies/kittens, please foster them. At the same time, post good, clear pictures of them (create a profile) and post in on https://www.petfinder.my/listings.php

    2) On that site, you need to create an account, it’s quite simple. There is paid posting (where it gets highlighted on the main page as well as 2 other sites. There is also free posting where coverage is limited, I would suggest you pay a bit for the wider coverage posting. I got 3 adopters from Petfinder and I think it is affective.

    3) There are animal groups such as Voice for Paws (run by volunteers). They are on Facebook. They have adoption drives every week in Bangsar. I want to stress here, they do not have a shelter. You need to be there during the adoption drive and promote it to the public on that day.

    4) Another way is to promote the puppies/kittens as widely as possible on Facebook, to your friends, family, on animal NGO FB pages, etc. Please ask them to spay/neuter the female puppies once they are 5-6 months old. This is a must! Female dogs give birth once every 6 months. Female kittens give birth even more frequently. This is a major issue here in Malaysia. Every responsible cat/dog owner must spay/neuter their pets. Once the breeding stops, the suffering will end as well.

    5) If you have an adopter who agrees to adopt from you, please ask the adopter to send pictures/videos of the adopted animal one week after adoption – just to check up on them.

    6) Animal shelters are overrun and need funding. Please try to foster the animals as long as possible. Get them adopted into good families, in the long run, you are also helping the animal shelters cope with the tens of thousands of animals who are abandoned every year. That is why spaying/neutering your pet is very important. The cycle of suffering must end and we can try to do our part to make our society a better place (for humans as well as animals).

    7) Please be patient – all of this takes time. It will be stressful, time consuming, tiring, and at times frustrating. Just try your best to help the animals that you’ve rescued. Your efforts mean the world to them.

    Thank you.

  19. Hello, good day!
    My dog has recently gave birth to beautiful four female puppies and I would really love to keep them all if I have more space at my home. Currently, I am living in a single story house. So, I was wondering, can I surrender them to you and sponsor all four of them? At least, I know they are safe and taken care there rather than to just leave them unattended. I have tried to find people to adopt them and give them a permanent home but yet to find one. Please do let me know. I am really looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much and have a great day ahead.
    Lots of love,

    I am just going to leave my message here. Please do contact me if any are interested. I just need a home to place them. This is my email address (kush_gostellow@yahoo.com)

    Thank you so much!

  20. sharon angeline

    helloo… im sharon . i found a newborn dog in the streets which is still unable to cross the streets properly. im afraid it would get hit by a car or something. do you take dogs in your shelter?

  21. If any of the animal shelter, willing to take all the 6 stray dogs that me and my wife are caring, we will be very gratefull. As we are having lots of complaint from the newly village headwomen to the extent making complaint to the authority and captured the dogs. With the help from some youths we manage to pay the authority and taken back the stray dogs and sent then for spayed and temporary keeping them.
    We are willing to give monthly token to any animal shelter to care for the dogs.

    Thank you.

  22. I’ve called 14 homes already and all are full… And none can give me help as to what do I do with two adult dogs and their 6 puppies left by someone on my street. I am not impressed that not one could give me help, maybe a member, a volunteer, a Foster family contact… I’m at my wits with these dogs. I work offshore so I have no time for these dogs.

  23. Elissa Isabel Elliot

    Hi everyone..
    We are being evicted and I have been looking for homes for my two dogs.
    As it is I cant afford rental nor deposits for a landed place for my dogs and kids.
    I have tried speedhome etc..
    I really need a home for my dogs for temporary time till we are a little bit more stable and able to take them back.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  24. Hi Sarah, we have few rescued puppies, male & female, around 4-5 months. Cute,lovable & adorable Blackies & Black & White Patches. Could you kindly leave down your contact no and/or email should you be keen to adopt either one of these puppies.

    1. Hi AA,
      I got 6 stray dogs(3 male & 3 female) which i would like to give away, three female and 1 male dogs already spayed.
      As me any my wife is having lots of issues with the village headwomen. The dogs are all well taken care and good watchdog.
      Furthermore my work do not allow me to care for them, my work is all oversea assignment and my wife have to look after her old dad and sick brother.
      If you are interested i can sent you photos of the dogs and will make arrangement to sent to you the dogs.
      My contact number: 012 616 6661

      Thank you.


  25. Hi there, i am interested to take in all your 6 puppies as i need them to take care of my orchard. If you still have them, i can be contacted at 013 3557799 (Mr. Chan)

  26. Hi,pledgecare.org I’m looking for help for a 2female stray cats just gave birth in my condo.And I hope that pledgecare.org can help to rescue this 2female stray cats and their kittens before the management throws them to the wet market or the commercial factories areas. One white female cat and the kittens had been thrown away to the wet market. And I & my Malay neighbors just rescued back the female white stray cat and the kittens that is in our condo and had been thrown to Tmn.Tasik Ampang wet market by our condo management.So I hope that pledgecare.org.can help this 2 female stray cats and their kittens.Thanks.

    1. Hello Elizabeth, bless you for going out of your way to rescue the poor cats. Unfortunately, we are not a shelter center so we can’t house these cats as much as we want to, perhaps you can try to contact Allergic Rescuers as they are a group which rescue, foster and match strats into loving homes. Here is a link where you can learn more about them and reach out if necessary: https://www.facebook.com/allergicrescuerskl/. We hope this helps!

      1. Hi, hope you are well, i have this rescued cat during MCO she just stayed at our front porch with her kittens, they deserve a home, pls let me know if u r still looking, thanks 0122433211 is my contact, Kee is my name. Thank u and God bless

    1. I’m afraid that we have not discovered any animal shelter in KL at the moment, the closest one would be Paws which is located in Subang ><

  27. Hello good morning,
    Our office premise has a mother cat and 3 little kittens. Can we bring over to you to home them ??

    1. Hi Georgie, unfortunately, we’re not an animal shelter center. Perhaps you can try to contact one of the shelters mentioned above?

  28. Hi sir , good day to you , I got 6 homeless puppy here , do your centre keep them for open adoption to public ? Thank you very much !!

    1. Hello, I’m sorry that we’re not a shelter centre but you can contact one of the adoption places above 🙂

      1. Hi.. I am Jane. I have a male puppy that my daughter and I rescued from a drain. We have been taking care of it since Nov 16, 2020. It is around 3 mths old. We have done the first vaccination. Interested pls call me at 012-2027436. Thanks

      2. sharon angeline

        heyy hii. i found a newborn puppy and currently looking for a shelther for it. Would u like to adopt it?

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