How to stop your dog from chewing up your house down?

Your dog loves to bite? Your dog loves to chew your furniture? Shoes? Curtains? Is everything in your house has been destroyed?
Here some tips for you to discover how to manage this habit.

Why does your dog keep biting stuff around?

The first reason that keeps dogs chewing your house down is their natural behavior. It is very typical for pups to start biting non-food stuff based on lots of studies and discoveries. We, as humans, used to do the same thing when were babies as we start biting everything around out of curiosity – as it’s the primary way to obtain information: to bite, lick, eat, hold or drag with their mouth.
Another reason on the chewing issue is that your dog could be reinforced. If you had chased him and grabbed the items that he was holding in his mouth, from dog’s perspective that you are playing the chasing game with them as its known that dogs love the attention more than humans.

How to stop your dog from chewing everything?

1 – put important items out of reach
Remember to position your valuable items away from your dogs such as drawers or on shelves as you should be able to understand what they would normally bite. Also, don’t forget to cover your dustbin.

2 – appropriate cage training
Locking your dog into the cage is a useful way to reduce the likelihood of biting if the dog is unsupervised. However, the dog requires enough space to exercise and water to drink.

Ideally, dogs should not be caged for more than 4 hours each time – less for a puppy – as they require toilet breaks. Train your dog to accept staying in a cage first, and never use it as a punishment.

3 – Don’t punish them when they bite
They actually expect you to react when they are chewing your items but do not scold them or grab the item otherwise, they will repeat the bad habit again.
Start distracting them by:

? Get him to come to you, so that he stops the biting behavior himself.

? Gives him some basic orders like sit, stand up, lie down, etc.

? When he has finished, give him a reward.

? Gradually he will realize that doing other things will attract attention, instead of the biting behavior.

4 – Give your dog chew toys

Make it special and attractive to him and place it somewhere that he can easily reach. Also, remember to praise him when he has it and pick up the toy to play with him.

Follow these tips so that your furniture stay safe from your pup’s little teeth.

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